Why us?

Our lecturers are experienced Barristers and gifted teachers, with insight into how adults learn. 

Although the bar is a profession in which many people work alone, Howtopassthebarexam has demonstrated that the skills required to pass the bar exam are both learnable and teachable. 

Taught by master teachers, this course will accelerate your learning.


"It is unimaginable that one could pass without doing this course."

"The course is NOT focussed on content but rather technique. This is a crucial distinction that is the true value of this course."

"I received a thorough understanding of the expectations and standard required, helping me prepare a study plan and structure for the exam."

"Evidence answers were very comprehensive and succinct, easy to understand in the way it was presented."

"Excellent teaching."

"Tabbing technique is very clever."



This course is not run by the NSW Bar Association or accredited/endorsed by the NSW Bar Association.

Whilst this course will teach you many strategies to assist you in your preparation for the Bar examination, attendance at the course is not a guarantee of success at the examinations.



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